Our Story

Handcrafted Beauty Products for Your Natural Instincts

We all have conformed to the black-tie world that expects us to behave and do things a certain way. But a ludicrous energy flows through the entirety of the our species. This energy to do something odd, to rebel against this polished, marbled, one faceted society. A moment where we can truly feel ourselves and get satisfaction of our small personal rebellions.

So, let’s get the black-tie and the red lipstick to co-exist!

Our Belief

Sén means Lotus and is a symbol of beauty and nature, just as you are. That’s why our products are handcrafted with 100% natural ingredients, so that you can keep looking beautiful while staying true to your instincts.

We all have different shades of color and beauty and Sén Natural products are designed to complement those shades. We embrace colors not labels.


Passion for Beauty

Sén Natural was created to celebrate beauty in its most natural and pure form. The intrinsic ideas and thoughts that come naturally to you is what Sén Natural wants to appreciate and embrace. It’s more than being comfortable in your own skin, it’s accepting your natural instincts. We are passionate about supporting bold women to have a bolder voice. You’re born with it, wear it!


Sen Natural

Passion for Craft

At the heart of Sén Natural, it is our philosophy to create products that are 100% natural and free of any preservatives. We care about what you put on your skin and that’s why with meticulous dedication, our products are handcrafted using only finest ingredients. Every product, created by our experts, embraces the Sén Natural philosophy.

Follow Your Natural Instinct

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