Sén Natural was created to celebrate beauty in its most natural and purest form with sustainable, natural and cruelty-free beauty solutions. We figured it is about time to say goodbye to unhealthy and harmful traditions and hello to a new definition of naturally beautiful.

Why We Exist

In 2015, when our friend and now product lead Hoan started to handcraft organic and sustainable beauty products for her friends & family, nobody guessed how much momentum “green beauty” would gain over the coming years.

Fast forward to 2019 and an increased level of consciousness for eco-friendly lifestyles, we wanted to create a movement that inspires women to be bold, confident and courageous while making kind and conscious choices at the same time.

Founders Note

For me, Sén Natural isn’t just a way to transform the traditional beauty industry but also to build a community of strong women who dare to go for what they want while making “green beauty” the new go-to. I’m happy we embark on this journey together and I hope you enjoy our products as much as I do.

- Kat, Founder

What We Are About

We commit to quality – for us, natural means using only healthy, non-harmful and sustainable ingredients. All products are strictly cruelty-free and sourced from trusted partners

Our mission is to keep things real – we tell you what’s in our products and why it’s in there. Straight up.

Beauty is more than being comfortable in your own skin – it’s about celebrating your imperfections and uniqueness. It’s all about you.

Our Product Lines


Women eat on average 3.5kg of lipstick during a lifetime, so we figured it’s about time to introduce a range that is not only handcrafted and cruelty-free but 100% natural so you can literally eat it.  


Healthy and non-harmful skincare – that’s our thing. We focus on ethical sourcing of the most natural and honest products so you can make the right choice for yourself. Simple.